Workpackage 1: Map of competencies and analysis of potentials

This first Workpackage aims to identify researchers and topics of excellence into the scientific environment, and to analyze relevant ongoing projects involving industry and economy sectors. 
One of the aims of the project is to emphasize in which field it is suggested to make investments, and in which environments it’s sufficient to establish cooperation activities and exchange of information.  In this way, it’s possible to identify the main competences and the strong points of the region, useful to achieve a critical mass and gain future international visibility.
The main fields of analysis are:

  • Key technologies analysis into the field of renewable energies;
  • Benchmarking of existing expertise at international level in order to identify niche segments;
  • Analysis of existing expertise involving interdisciplinary technologies;
  • Analysis of the potential for cooperation and synergies between the participating regions;

This will lead to the definition of a competency map  


Workpackage 2: Setup of a Network of Excellence including the implementation of pilot projects

The Smart Energy project aims to develop and strengthen a cross-border network of excellence.  A “renewable energy crossborder online community” will be established, able to offer modern communication technologies to make available information, both to catch partners interest, and to incorporate new knowledge and achieve visibility at international level.
Another purpose is the creation of a technology roadmap in order to point the way to take into the research activities and the key points to follow into the future. Unlike the existing strategic documents (regional, national, EU), the roadmap has a bottom-up approach, based on the technologies and competences already available into the project regions.
To prove the network efficiency, there will set up concrete projects. A new research sector on renewable energy will be set up at the Lakesidepark. CETA will analyze energy efficiency into public buildings. The University of Udine will establish an “Observatory on Renewable Energies”, in order to start concrete project within the expected network.


Workpackage 3: Project management und Public relations 


Task 2: Public relations

Inform , networking , raise awareness and foster awareness. Development of a marketing plan and communication strategies. These goals will be achieved through the creation of a web presence and the processing and printing of marketing materials. To capture the attention of stakeholders active in the
field of renewable energy and promote first networking activities,there are planned
PR activities targeted at regional and cross-border level. Moreover, the project results and new strategies developed, will be made known to the scientific community .
Marketing plan , web page, marketing materials , initiatives and regional and local networks