Smart Energy project

The renewable sources of energy have become a reality that offer significant economic outlooks as well as many challenges in terms of technology.

The low–carbon technologies field deals with several topics, such as energy efficiency, saving, storage, intelligent computer and energy networks, innovative technologies for the energy production and the use in industrial processes and systems. Besides, this field is closely related with waste management and recycling, as well as water purification.

How can the cross-border region Italy-Austria gain maximum benefit from this evolution?

The objective of the Smart Energy – Network of Excellence project is to identify and create a connection among the different skills characterising the low–carbon technologies field (research, development and innovation). In order to set up a Network, the interaction and contact with research institutes (e.g. University and other organisations) and the most innovative businesses is significant.

Particular attention is given to the evaluation of the possibilities for the research and technology. According with such vision, the expected outcomes are the following:

The identification of key technologies for the sustainable energies field and the development of a roadmap about the existing regional expertise.
An international benchmarking in the research field, a study on the cooperative potentials and the possible synergies within the region.
The definition of technology regional roadmaps through a bottom-up process that is based on the existing expertise, and the set up of and Advisory Board.
A regional Network of Excellence in direct contact with an online community involving scientific institutions and businesses.
The implementation of pilot projects that give proof to the added value gained with the project, such as:

  • a specific research sector about energy in Lakeside Science & Technology Park
  • an Observatory on Energy Efficiency (the analysis on the buildings’ energy issues, guidelines, the estimation of the energy efficiency’s potential increase, the sample buildings’ monitoring)
  • an Observatory on the Renewable Energies at the University of Udine.

The achievement of these results creates the basis for further future collaboration between research institutes and businesses.

Complex issues will be more properly addressed through the cooperation of different institutions, and the connection of multiple skills represent a prerequisite for a better international visibility.

The technological roadmaps will provide a better understanding of the context, the opportunity for a strategic planning and the development of projects for the cooperation.

Smart Energy - Un parco tecnologico come luogo d’incontro


Smart Energy: Ein Technologiepark als Drehscheibe