CTR - Research Centre for Intelligent Sensors

CTR Carinthian Tech Research is an industry oriented research and development center for intelligent sensors and counts as COMET Competence Center to one of the top research centers in Austria. As the connecting link between science and industry, CTR applies its latest research findings in sensors to address current industry challenges and to make products, technologies and processes simpler, safer and more effective.
CTR - Research Centre for Intelligent Sensors
Villach, Austria

person to contact

Christina Hirschl
christina.hirschl@ctr.at Phone: +43 4242-563 000 Europastraße 4/1, 9524 Villach (Austria)

General information

Accessible expert know-how, existing research and measurement infrastructure and interdisciplinary working teams at CTR facilitate technological innovations and therefore contribute to the strengthening of Carinthian businesses in a competitive environment. As a partner in numerous national and international cooperations with research centers and industrial partners, CTR is part of a worldwide network- fostering international exchanges and opening new perspectives for science and industry.   

CTR provides application-oriented research and development solutions in the sensory field and allows small, medium and large enterprises to address current industry challenges and to strengthen their innovative capacity and competitive position. Services include the entire research and development chain, ranging from feasibility studies through simulations, to prototypes for product and system solutions. Additionally, CTR advises on various funding opportunities for innovative projects and assists in finding suitable partners for project implementation via technology transfer.