Friday, 3 October 2014

Energy Efficiency along Value-Added Chains

Efficiency is the key to the energy turnaround as without a significant reduction in the current level of energy consumption along the entire value-added chain it will hardly be possible to imagine a cost-efficient use of energy based on renewable energy sources in the medium term.
The efficiency of the system; that is the interplay of all efficiency measures from primary energy via energy conversion stages and energy transport levels to user applications is the decisive quality criterion for the affordable and sustainable use of energy. At present the greatest potential for optimization and cost reduction can be found among the clients.
In the field of electrical energy the question arises whether electricity is used efficiently as a source of energy and whether in principle other solutions and energy technologies might be more effective. The initiatives for energy efficiency affect first and foremost households and small businesses as well as industry, the public sector and of course transport, on which, however, this event will not focus. Due to the interdisciplinary and intersectoral nature of the task, the cross-linkage of concepts and positive experiences is called for.
The crucial questions of the Conference Renewable Energy Carinthia 2014 are: Where is the potential for economic efficiency? Which measures are suited to enhancing this potential? Where can energy efficiency and sufficiency complement and strengthen one another? How can the successes achieved with regard to efficiency be measured and assessed? Where do we stand today and which prospects are realistic?
The projects Smart Energy and Efficient Effective Smart are introducing the Raodmaop on Energy Technologies in the Apls-Adriatic-Region.