Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Conference Renewable Energy “Renewable Energies Require Storage”

The transformation of energy systems into a power industry based almost entirely on renewable energy sources depends on the timely and affordable availability of energy storage. In decentralized, supply-controlled energy systems the storage task is much more complex and extensive than it used to be. In order to make energy systems more flexible, more efficient and more intelligent, storage for different periods of time is needed – from immediately available short-term storage to seasonal storage. The storage capacities of the future should be planned one size larger than is usual today in order to maintain the accustomed quality of supply. Thus in this area, there is urgent need for development both in research and in the industry so that storage technologies can be produced cost-efficiently, installed extensively and integrated efficiently into the energy infrastructure. Action is also needed in the regulatory environment, in market design, in regulating performance incentives and flexibility incentives and with regard to financing matters.
The crucial questions of the Conference Renewable Energy Carinthia 2013 are the improvement of energy transition and the significance of storage technologies. „Which type of storage will be needed for energy transition and when will we need which kind of storage facility and how many will we need? How do storage facilities and smart grids interact? Will regional and national storage solutions be sufficient?“